Camps For Guys & Girls

Camp Appanoose Classic Camps

Classic camp experiences at Camp Appanoose are just that. They are timeless activities in the out of doors which ought to be a part of everyone’s memory.

Waking up to the sound of birds; eating a mouth watering breakfast at the beginning of an active day; enjoying being part of a group of friends and meeting a few new ones, learning to maneuver a canoe with a partner who is also learning; experiencing that special bond of horse and rider; trying your hand at archery or another target sport; finding that tossing a horseshoe is a surprising fun challenge; entering the dining hall toward the close of a great day and finding plenty of wonderful food; being uplifted in praise to God around the campfire; looking at life from a little different perspective; going to bed after spotting a fallen star or the Milky Way; falling asleep to the distant sound of a coyote or an owl.

All of these are a sampling of what makes camp a classic experience.

Classic camps are for those who want a little bit of everything. Camp Appanoose offers six classic camp programs which are age specific. Except for Cowboy Camp, each program begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Saturday morning.

  • Cowboy Camp – A three day beginner camp for second and third graders.
  • Buckskinner Camp – For fourth, fifth and sixth graders.
  • All Sport Camp – For ten to fourteen year olds.
  • Freedom for Youth – Urban Week – For ten to fourteen year olds. TBA. Call for details.

At Camp Appanoose it is our desire that you will grow in each of the primary areas of life: Physically, Intellectually, Socially, and Spiritually. Spiritual growth is foundational. Your counselor will lead you as you look into the Bible. Each evening our camp Pastor will conclude the day with a personal challenge during Bible Talk Time.

We look forward to you joining us for an unforgettable experience.