Meet Our Horses!

1-bonnie-f-jpgBONNIE, “Bonnie Blue Eyes”, is one of our oldest horses.

Her interesting eyes – one blue and one 1/2 blue and 1/2 brown – give her a very special look.

Over the years, she has learned to be an amazing trail horse.



2-buck-f-jpgBUCK is a beautiful red dun color – very unusual.

He is willing to do most anything and has a sensitive side.






3-comanche-f-jpgCOMANCHE is our paint mix… there’s some draft horse in there!

As a former competition game pony, he is very strong!






4-rolo-f-jpgROLO is an English trained bay mare all the way from Chicago.

After some adjustment to our country life here, she has become  a very dependable and flexible trail horse.






5-lady-f-jpgLADY.  We often refer to her as TOP LADY as she is the boss of the pasture here at Camp Appanoose!

Somewhere in her life before camp, she has been trained as a fox trotter and can still pull off a great fox trot gait!






6-rocky-f-jpgROCKY is a beautiful bay gelding with a fun and interesting personality.

He comes from a cow herding background.






7-hawk-f-jpgHAWKEYE is one of our older horses and enjoys a bareback rider.

Hawk’s interesting quirk:

He loves to back up to a tree and scratch his backside!





8-splash-f-jpgSPLASH is the boss MAN of the field, but still plays second fiddle to Lady, the Boss Lady.

He is newer to camp and still learning the ropes here.






9-cody-f-jpgCODY is a sweetheart Palomino.

He is a bit shy and – with a confident rider aboard – does a great job on our trails.






10-sunny-f-jpgSUNNY, “Sunnyboy”, is our 2nd shortest horse, but does not let that stop him.

He is one of our best horses!

Unique to Sunny – a brand on his flank!





11-didit-f-jpgDIDIT is our tallest horse… and used to be a racehorse!

Unfortunately for him, he was a tad slow… which makes him perfect for campers.






12-rosie-f-jpgROSIE is our sorrel broodmare.

She is still in the training stages and offers a great ride for a more experienced rider.






13-danby-f-jpgDANBY is a sweetheart of a horse and is very tuned in and responsive to his rider.

When you’re calm, Danby is calm!






14-woody-f-jpgWOODY is our smallest – a POA.

With some Appaloosa in his blood, he has some interesting stripes on his legs.

Woody thinks everyone should love him, but sometimes gets picked on by other horses.





15-beau-f-jpgBEAU is our Tennessee Walker, very well broke and a pleasure to ride.







16-tj-f-jpgTJ, our fancy western pleasure horse, comes all the way from Canada!

If you’re up for a ‘Tigger ride’, TJ would be your horse, as he can be very bouncy!

TJ is funny and loves to be at his spot at the hitching rail – even on days when he is not going to be saddled!




17-missy-f-jpgMISSY came to us in need of some TLC and is still in the process of training.

We think she will someday make a great trail horse!






18-rowdy-f-jpgROWDY is our youngest – but don’t let that fool you.

He’s very smart!






19-jazz-f-jpgJAZZ belongs to our horse wrangler, Kaella Wilson.

She bought Jazz as a yearling and has developed him into a great all-around horse.

Jazz can say ‘yes’, lay down, sit up, roll over and take a bow!

He also has a special trick, Hi Ho Silver!!

You might be able to guess what that is – or come to camp and find out!



20-cassidy-f-jpgCASSIDY also belongs to our wrangler, Kaella.

If she needs to get somewhere in a hurry, Cassidy is the horse for the task – she’s very fast and loves to run!