Dear Parent,

In the several decades which have passed since those first tipis were set up for our initial season of camps, our world has changed and so have we! From a telephone and typewriter to computers and emails; from weekly volunteer counselors to a trained summer staff, from sleeping bags on the ground to comfortable bunks, from a few stark tipis on the plain to bunkhouses and covered wagons in a park like setting, so much has changed – and we are most grateful.

Another change would be the ever widening range of summertime options available to our kids. We realize that camp is not the only thing available to parents as they make plans for summer and weekends. Why would you choose Camp Appanoose? While there are a number of good camps and youth programs across America, please allow me to suggest a few reasons why we believe that Camp Appanoose is one of the best options.

  • Camp Appanoose offers a wide range of programs, appealing to various interests, even personalities. Each program is educational and designed to expand the horizons of young people who participate. While programs are designed to include many “fun” activities, it is always the goal of camp staff members that young people would grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially.
  • All programs at camp include spiritual training based upon the Scriptures. For summer programs, a Bible curriculum is developed in house each year around a particular theme. Camp Appanoose is not affiliated with a specific denomination. It is solidly evangelical, presenting Jesus Christ as the only means to personal salvation. The spiritual foundations statement further articulates the camp’s Biblical commitments.
  • A trained summer staff will be waiting to befriend, guide and support your son or daughter when they arrive at camp. Every young person in residential programs is assigned to a small group led by a big brother or big sister. That counselor will be responsible day and night for his/her group and will attempt to insure a great experience for all.
  • Every effort is made to create a safe and healthy environment at camp. Wholesome food is served in the dining hall which is regularly inspected and approved by the local health department. Adequate sleep and rest combined with vigorous activity promotes excellent health. In the event of an emergency, a well equipped hospital is only twenty minutes away from camp. The camp maintains membership in the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA), a fellowship of around a thousand camps in the United States and many more internationally.

As you consider options for your son or daughter, we encourage you to look at the opportunities at Camp Appanoose. Contact us if you have further questions. We hope to see you soon.

Serving At Camp,

Patrick Amsden
Executive Director