TRGR – Leadership Training Camp

 June 10 – 16, 2018

Teens – young adults
Now – Jan 31      $235
Feb 1 – Mar 31    $235
After Mar 31      $235

(Camp Staff will attend this camp for free.)

Camp Appanoose - Leadership Training Camps

TRGR  (Leadership Training Camp)

A tree deeply rooted, near a consistent water source, will maintain strength and flexibility through the storms, even droughts, of its existence, due to the turgor pressure of water in its cells.  In a similar manner, when one’s life is deeply rooted in revealed truth, the result will be strength maintained through seasons of challenge and difficulty.  In the end, it will produce the fruit of Godly character as evidenced by servanthood and humble leadership.

Trained, Rooted and Grounded in Righteousness

Our “TRGR” leadership camp is designed for mature teens and young adults to gain training and to firmly root each participant in the foundational teachings of scripture for a life of success, as evidenced in servant leadership.

  • TRGR is offered as a one-week seminar and is completed over three summers. Each week, however, is self-contained, and the benefits of that week do not hinge on completion of all three weeks.  This course is eligible for CABAR ACADEMY credit.  Call the camp office for more details.
  • TRGR is free for camp staffers that work the entire summer and is a vital part of preparing staffers for a summer of service at camp.
  • TRGR will include a variety of classic camp activities each evening.

TRGR will…

  • Help you to establish a solid foundation of Biblical truth.
  • Provide a Biblical perspective on such disciplines as theology, philosophy, science, economics etc.
  • Supply an understanding of ideas and forces shaping our times.
  • Offer a positive and Biblical understanding of home, church, and state.
  • Analyze the worldview of Secular Humanism, Marxist-Leninism and Biblical Christianity.
  • Equip you to explain the Christian faith
  • Empower you with confident abilities to take positive and effective action in our world today.